350 George Street has always had women's empowerment in its fabric. The sixth floor which Allegra now occupies was home to Australian feminist pioneer and advocate for female suffrage, Maybanke Wolstenholme. Maybanke ran her journal, Woman’s Voice, and the Women’s Federation League from 350 George advocating for women's and children's rights. She was one of Australia's leading activists encouraging the female population to take active political roles Australia. Her Woman's Voice undoubtedly impacted the Australian Suffrage Movement and Australia became the first country in the world to offer women's suffrage. 


Woman's Voice: democratic but not revolutionary; womanly but not weak; fearless without effrontery; liberal without licence.

Today, The Allegra Studio is privileged to call home the birthplace of Australian. women's suffrage and women's rights. Allegra Lombardi enhances women's lives with the highest quality luxury garments so our distinguished Allegra women won't sacrifice their femininity for success or power. Allegra Lombardi is all about empowerment in living our best life. Craftsmanship at its finest.