Allegra Lombardi is for the female James Bond who knows what she wants and knows where she is going. Allegra Lombardi speaks a fresh and fanciful voice with a little Italian nostalgia. There is a little bit of Allegra in every woman.


Allegra Lombardi is an antipodean luxury brand born on the edge of the pacific in Sydney, Australia and 100% Made-in-Italy at our Milan atelier by the world's finest merchants.

Allegra Lombardi collections are demi-couture from the Lombardia region of Italy. From our antipodal point-of-view we breathe modern life into into a distinctly glamorous Dolce Vita aesthetic. Our Italian artisans are architects of the body and our designs are sartorial engineering make of the most opulent and decadent fabrications. Decidedly global, jetset and ephemeral, Allegra Lombardi is a brand for the modern woman with a classic sentiment and a bold personality. She who wears Allegra Lombardi radiates success, sexiness and sophistication embodying all that is La Dolce Vita.

Established in 2013 by Fiona Germaine in haute-pursuit of La Dolce Vita and all that is uncompromised luxury. Dedicated to superior quality and the extraordinary, we meld innovative technique and generations' old Made-in-Italy know-how.


Australian designer, Fiona Germaine, studied a combined Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and Bachelor of International Studies from UTS, as well as a Diploma in Business. Fiona studied at IULM Milano in 2010 whilst working for brands such as Francesco Sconamiglio and Missoni, having worked previously as a design assistant with Australia’s key labels since 2005. Breathing nostalgia from the era of jet-setting and global socialites, Fiona melds innovation and tradition to pursue the highest standards of quality, sincerity in search of the extraordinary.