On the Edge of the Pacific

Made-in-Italy and Born on the Edge of the Pacific, Allegra Lombardi & its Creative Director, Fiona Germaine call Sydney, Australia home. Fiona specialises in Made-in-Italy luxury having lived part-time in Milano since 2010. 

Fiona calls Milano the home to her heart. This antipodal lifestyle between Milano and Sydney sets Allegra Lombardi alight as a highly unique and sought-after luxury brand. 

The Allegra brand genesis began in Milano, 2010 after seeking out a curation of top-shelf Italian suppliers, makers and experts throughout Italy. Timeless classics meet Maximalism and Decadence. A mysterious yet bold personality that leave you asking; who is Allegra Lombardi? 

Fiona Germaine designs Allegra Lombardi for the Female James Bond. She is success, sexiness and embodies all the is La Dolce Vita. Rigorously Made-in-Italy and committed to a sense of nostalgia for a modern woman, Allegra Lombardi knows no bounds.